Our Story

The initial idea of Ekspert Sports Performance came back in 2011 when our owner Austen was playing rugy league for Oldham. At the time, Austen was a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and on his way to become a strength and conditioner. Austen would provide weight training programmes and nutrition plans to the majority of team mates, when he realised that even at a professional level athletes weren’t being given the correct information and training on how to correctly lift weights and eat in order to maximise their performance.Austen TRY

A few years passed while Austen studied at university, but this idea to provide amateur and semi-professional athletes still stuck in his head. Once Austen graduated from University he decided to take the jump and start Ekspert Sports Performance

Why should only the world’s most elite soccer and rugby players be given this information? Ekspert Sports Performance is giving players the ability to take their game to the next level by providing them with the tools they need to get bigger, stronger, faster and more powerful.

Improving the world of sport
one athlete at a time