Why Team ESP?

Most athletes understand the importance of nutrition and weight training. Unfortunately, many of them have no concept of correct nutrition and exercise, especially related to maximising their position on the field, endurance and performance within the game.  A completely new concept, Ekspert Sports Performance provides specific nutrition plans to accommodate your goals and weight training on both amateur and semi-professional athletes for maximum performance on the field and off. Designed to enhance your potential, our experts provide the same weight training and nutritional regimes used by world-class athletes around the globe.

We invite you to see why we are the most comprehensive, in-depth football and rugby regime available online!

As a member of Ekspert Sports Performance, we deliver your personalised weight training and nutritional programmes right to your dashboard and provide access to a customised tracking platform that allows you to document your success and measure your performance. You will also have direct and unlimited access to Team ESP coaches, guiding on the new journey. Every weight-training program comes with video demonstrations, prescribing specific exercises by your personal coach and is accessible 24/7.

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Mission and Philosophy

Ekspert Sports Performance is dedicated to providing nutritional education and weight-training programmes to the amateur and semi-professional athlete, personalised and in meeting the individual needs of each athlete, based on position of play and level of performance ability. We strengthen and condition the core each player before, during and after game-play and practice through affordable servicing and a team of industry experts.


For just £15 a month, athletes can engage in highly interactive and personalised training programmes without a monthly contract. Results are never immediate when it comes to weight training and nutrition. For this, we believe you should be challenged at a pace you can handle. Therefore, we do not believe paying a lump sum or that requiring a 3-month package would benefit a beginner. We want to create personal relationships with our customers, advancing their journey to becoming a better player.

How it works

Members will sign up and log in to their personal account dashboard, providing access to nutritional plans and weight training programmes. Members receive a new programme each month and will retain access to existing programmes for the duration of their membership with Ekspert Sport Performance.

Through individual performance and milestone success, members will be required to upload data, related to their training and experience, including their bodyweight weight, 4-rep max weight of the four main strength lifts (deadlift, military press, hang clean and squat) and pictures of progress. This way you can be monitored both with data and visually.

Results will then be graphed and accessible to both members and Team ESP coaches. Results will also be analysed and tracked for progress. This process is a crucial part of the interactive training experience.

Become an “Ekspert Sports Performance Immortal” and earn member points through regular uploads!



It’s no secret that proper nutrition will maximise performance across all boards! Let our team of experts customise your personal dieting habits and design a complete nutrition programme to meet your nutrition needs, including game day dieting and a post-game recovery. Our Team ESP nutritionist works in conjunction with strengthening coaches to ensure monthly packaging that helps to meet the athlete’s most intimate goals.

Weight Training


The Team ESP weight-training philosophy focuses on building a solid base, strengthening the athlete for game play.


We focus on these key lifts in building strength and stamina:

  • Deadlifts
  • Squatting
  • Military Presses
  • Hanging Clean

We look at the base as foundation for building strength in everything else. Achieving base, the programme progresses your abilities into building explosive power. This programme is designed with guarantee that you will be the strongest and most powerful player on the pitch!

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